PDHPE Tutors: Can a Tutor Help Your HSC Student?

Can a PDHPE Tutor Help Your HSC Student?

As your child approaches their HSC exams, it’s important to provide them with the right tutoring support. A skilled tutor could be the difference in your child’s final exam results, helping them achieve their academic goals. 

One of the most in-demand subject areas for HSC tutoring support is PDHPE. A PDHPE tutor can help your child understand advanced academic concepts that will help them in class and in the workplace. 

Here’s how a talented PDHPE tutor can help your HSC student.  

HSC Student of PDHPE

What is PDHPE?

PDHPE stands for Personal Development, Health, and Physical Education. It includes sports, physiology, anatomy, and other health-related concepts.  

Far from simply focusing on sports and physical activity, this subject provides students with an introduction to the health sciences.  

Studying HSC-level PDHPE, your child will learn how to understand biology concepts that support medicine and human health.  

Students also learn to apply movement and interpersonal skills, as well as drawing knowledge from cross-over subjects, including literacy, numeracy, and science.   

Is PDHPE an ATAR-accredited subject?

PDHPE is an ATAR-accredited subject, which means that students can study this subject at HSC level as part of an ATAR course load.  

Your HSC student will engage with learning concepts and materials in class and will sit an ATAR exam at the end of year 12, just like with any other ATAR subject.  

PDHPE is considered a valid and important subject and is even a prerequisite for some university courses.  

Which university courses can benefit from HSC PDHPE?

Students who study PDHPE at HSC level can take their skills with them into many tertiary and industry pathways.  

In PDHPE classes, your child will learn advanced health science skills and concepts. They can use these to apply for university entry in sports medicine and other allied health disciplines.  

Studying PDHPE can also help to prepare your child for a coaching or sports industry career.  

How can a PDHPE tutor help?

Many students find PDHPE studies challenging as they navigate new and complex course materials. A PDHPE tutor can help your child understand concepts and develop their knowledge and practical skills.  

Working with a skilled HSC PDHPE tutor, your child will be supported to succeed, regardless of their learning style.  

Our tutors can help students connect theoretical concepts with practical education, allowing them to get the most out of their studies and to prepare for HSC exams.  


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