How To Get Into A Group Of Eight University

Australia’s Own Ivy League! How To Get Into A Group Of Eight University

If you have a Year 12 student, you might be wondering about future study options. In particular, you may have considered what is required to get into one of the Group of Eight universities in Australia. Read on to find out more about Australia’s own ‘Ivy League’ universities.  

Group of Eight University

What is the Group of Eight?

The Group of Eight is made up of the eight largest and oldest academic institutions of Australia. Established in 1999, the group has, at its core, a mission to maintain and improve academic excellence in Australia. Seven of the eight universities are positioned among the top one hundred best universities in the world.  

The universities that belong to this group include: 

What are the benefits?

Before you decide to apply to these universities, it’s a good idea to know what the benefits are. Why should you fork out more money and spend more time trying to get in to one of these universities, when you could get the same degree more cheaply and at a lower ATAR score somewhere else? There are a number of important reasons why these universities might be right for you. 


It might sound shallow but the prestige these universities can bring you throughout your academic and professional life is nothing to be sneezed at. All Australian Nobel Prize winners came from a Group of Eight University. They’re known for their high academic standards, and they’re focused on being a leader in influencing the development and delivery of higher education in Australia, and in creating national and international alliances and research partnerships.  


This ties in with prestige a little, but these universities are globally recognised, which means you could get a job in many different countries around the planet. Just look at the stats – these unis have educated more than half of Australia’s doctors, dentists and vets, and they provide 55% of science graduates and more than 40% of engineering graduates. In short, studying here can be advantageous when the time comes to find a job, making you a more desirable candidate for employment.  


These universities provide world-class teaching, industry-informed curriculum, and you gain real-world experience and the expertise required in your chosen field. 

High standards of research and teaching

The prestige of these universities doesn’t just attract students but staff as well. Because of their active research programs, the academic staff who work there are experts in their fields. You get the benefit of their latest research and research-based learning, which produces a high standard of education. 

How do you get in?

Have we convinced you? Now’s the hard part! In order to get in to one of these universities, you need to get yourself a very high ATAR score. It obviously depends on the course and the university, but you’re looking at a score higher than 80 for most of these universities – and that’s for an arts degree.  

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