Year 5 NAPLAN Tutoring

How Is Year 5 NAPLAN Tutoring Different?

In the second week of March, your Year 5 child will take four separate NAPLAN tests that assess their skills in writing, spelling, grammar, reading, and numeracy skills. By Year 5, your child is already familiar with NAPLAN — our tutors encourage them to learn more strategies, review new material, and support their NAPLAN preparation for Year 5. 

A Team’s Tools for Year 5 NAPLAN Success

It is a common NAPLAN myth that the test is designed to assess your child’s intelligence and it being a high-stakes test. This is not true. The tests are actually designed to provide parents and schools with a better understanding of how students are performing.

Despite this, there can be a lot of pressure on students to perform well on their NAPLAN, and standardised testing can be stressful for many students. Our NAPLAN tutoring focuses on giving your child the opportunity to achieve their best results and feel good after taking the tests! 

Building Confidence

Our tutors will help your child to overcome stress and give them the confidence that they can achieve their goals by ensuring that they're fully equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for them to approach their NAPLAN tests.

Test-Taking Strategies

In order for your child to best prepare for Year 5 NAPLAN there are things that should be introduced before testing day. Our tutors will teach those strategies that focus on both effort and application and allow your child to feel prepared for their NAPLAN exams.

Leveraging Learning Languages

All of our Academic Personal Trainers are specifically trained to identify a student’s learning language and tailor sessions to set them them up for greater success and understanding when it comes to the areas that are assessed!

The A Team Approach to NAPLAN Year 5 Tutoring

Introducing NAPLAN Testing

Focus on Testing Skills

NAPLAN Resources

With a focus on getting your child prepared and confident to sit their NAPLAN exams, our tutors have access to NAPLAN Resources including practice questions and exams.

For Year 5 NAPLAN preparation we introduce test taking strategies that we use for older students in our metacognitive STAR Program. This includes introducing your child to the idea of longer test taking, what to do if they feel stuck on questions or don't know the answer, and doing practice questions. This alleviates the stress when they take their NAPLAN tests, as they already know what to expect and how to handle different situations!

The A Team Tuition Approach to NAPLAN Tutoring

Consistent weekly sessions, at days and times that suit your family, and a full support system for both you and your child with your own Client Support Manager who you can contact anytime.

You will also receive session summaries that recap what your child accomplished during their session AND how your child is progressing with their goals, their confidence, and their motivation levels.

Consistent Weekly Sessions

Weekly Session Notes

Goal Tracking 

Confidence and Effort Tracking

Full Support Network

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