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Dreaming of studying in the USA? You'll need to take the SAT test to get your college entry score. We're here to help. The SAT is wholly owned, developed, and published by the College Board, a private, not-for-profit organisation in the United States.

The SAT Test is growing in popularity for students who with to attend university in the US. Because of this, a number of students require specialised SAT Test tutoring. Our SAT Academic Personal Trainers offer more than just a tuition service – they are tailored to suit the needs of your child and understand what it takes to succeed on the test– whether in a one-on-one, at home setting or through online sessions

For Australian students, the SAT is vastly different to anything they have encountered. It takes four hours to complete and is made up of five different sections all based on the United States Curriculum. The tricky thing about the SAT is the style of questions and marking. When your child gets an answer right, one point is added. Although if they get a question wrong, fractions of points are subtracted: 1/4 point is subtracted for five-choice questions. 1/3 point is subtracted for four-choice questions.


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Whether they need help with homework, balancing a huge workload, adjusting to study and work throughout their apprenticeship, help with exams, or even just a boost in confidence, A Team Tuition can help!


In 2021, across 2,500 students we had a 23.1% increase in grade improvement. Meaning that on average, every student went up an entire letter grade.


95% of our students have a significant increase in


86% of our students have a significant increase in

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