Primary School Science Tutors

Our approach to private tutoring consistently delivers big results.  In fact, 87% of our C/D students are achieving As and Bs - often after a single semester of tuition.  How?  Our private primary school science tutors don't just focus on the curriculum.  We believe that to create truly remarkable results, we must first overcome any barriers to achievement.  So we determine how your child learns primary school science and shape our tutoring strategy to their specific needs.  We then help them to build a support network and put a study strategy in place focused on "studying smarter not longer".  And it works.  Even if you've tried a science tutor before, you may be stunned at the transformation in your primary schooler.

Why parents love our primary school tutors

How would you like to NEVER have the homework argument again?  Imagine seeing your primary schooler eagerly attack a science project.  By helping your child to better understand and embrace the curriculum our private tutors spark a love of the sciences... or at least, remove the hesitations!  Parents love our private tutors because we take care of the weekly homework.  We take care of the projects, and the exam preparation.  We make it simple for parents to enjoy the achievements, not carry the pain of primary school tantrums!

How we develop your child's logic and reasoning skills

Whether your child is a visual learner, an aural learner or a kinaesthetic learner, our carefully selected, trained and developed primary school tutor will tailor your child's tutorials to their learning needs.

We believe that every child is an "A" student with the right mindset, support and study skills.  Through fun and engaging games, our primary school tutors assist your child to develop better study skills and a new outlook on school work.  Our careful recruitment, training and development gives our primary school tutors a completely different approach to tutoring - so much so, we call them Academic Personal Trainers.

Primary School Science Tutoring

Like English and Maths, the knowledge taught in Science is important at a foundational level. Junior Science equips your child with knowledge about the biological, physical and technological world around them which forms the basis for action in their personal, social and economic lives into the future. The study of science also assists in the development of critical and creative thinking skills, which lifts your child’s performance across the board.

Over and above simply teaching students the content, our Academic Personal Trainers aim to exude their own fascination with science in their sessions in order to inspire a similar curiosity in your child. By developing a genuine inquisitiveness, your child is far more likely to be more engaged with the content, thereby paving the way for self-motivation, confidence and success.

Our Primary School Science Tutoring Services

Getting started with A Team Tuition is simple.
Contacting us could be the first step in your child's remarkable career.  Our science tutoring areas include:

  • Homework help, including practical activities

  • Assignment and project help

  • Study planning and management

  • Private, Selective and IB School Tutoring

  • Practical application of scientific fundamentals

  • Home Schooling / Independent School  Tutoring and Curriculum Alignment

"We should not teach children the sciences but give them a taste for them."

-Jean Jacques Rosseau

Find a Science Tutor Near Me

A Team Tuition's stringent recruitment, training and professional development program means that the "right" private, in-home one-on-one primary school tutor is near you!

With more than two hundred tutors online and in-person in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Townsville, and Sydney you'll find the right tutor to transform your child's academic performance.


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Important Update: At Home Private Tuition during Coronavirus Outbreak

Updated 2021.

A Team Tuition is currently experiencing high demand for our tutoring services due to the Covid-19 Outbreak and the ongoing impact it has on schools. Our first priority is to provide continued academic support to our hundreds of existing students. These will be given first placement in our online tutoring system.

If you’re worried about maintaining your child’s academic performance during school shutdowns or in periods of self-quarantine, speak to us NOW to secure your place.  We offer in-person and online tutoring services across all disciplines and intensive ATAR tutoring for years eleven and twelve students, 2021.

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