Primary School Humanities Tutors

Find a private HASS tutor who can help your child develop critical and "higher-order" thinking skills that will influence their approach to information throughout their whole life.

As one of the four key areas of primary school studies, Humanities (often called HASS) lays the foundations of thousands of potential careers, from climatologist to politician, marketing manager to economist.  HASS also presents different challenges for students to the other three core subjects.  HASS is about understanding not just the world as they see it, but also in human, historical, economical and environmental terms.  While your child may thrive at maths and sciences, your private in-home humanities tutor can help your child to think outside of "rules and formulas".  A hallmark of great scientists, social scientists and teachers alike.

As the world changes (rather rapidly!), so too does the demand for jobs that have a humanitarian focus.  A solid foundation in HASS will help your child thrive in these 'future-proof careers'.

How we develop your child's "big picture thinking" skills

Your tutor will help your child to connect key elements of their history, geography and social sciences studies with the world today.  We'll help them to overcome any barriers to understanding big picture concepts and put a study strategy in place to help them study better, not longer.  Whether your child is a visual learner, an aural learner or a kinaesthetic learner, our carefully selected, trained and developed team of tutors will tailor your child's tutorials to their learning needs.

Our approach to HASS tutoring

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, and the speed of change continues to accelerate, an understanding of our place as individuals and as a nation grows in importance too. The study of different humanities in the junior years of high school (History, Geography, Economics, etc.) aims at building your child’s awareness of the relationship between the past and the present, the relationship between human activity and our environment, and the flow of people, resources, finances and information around the world and related challenges. Additionally, these subjects aim to foster your child’s ability to critically analyse, interpret and evaluate sources and data, work independently and collaboratively, and use different information-gathering methods.

Our Academic Personal Trainers are experts at identifying knowledge gaps in your child, and curating learning environments that suit their specific needs. Not only are they able to help teach the content matter of these subjects, but they implement learning practices that allow your child to better engage with and understand the complex theories and concepts of these disciplines. By establishing a strong basis in the junior humanities, your child will be ready to flourish across the board in their senior years of high school.

We believe that every child is a potential A student. They just need the right mindset, the right support, and the right study strategy to achieve their goals.  That's where our approach to tutoring accounting differs from other tutors - we take a "whole student" approach to learning.

Our Primary School Humanities Tutoring Services

Getting started with A Team Tuition is simple.
Contacting us could be the first step in your child's remarkable career.  Our HASS tutoring areas include:

  • Homework and Project Support

  • Exam Preparation

  • Individualised Study Strategy to Suit Your Child's Needs

  • Private, Selective and IB School HASS Tutoring

  • Fun, Interactive Activities to Solidify Understanding

  • Home Schooling / Independent School HASS Tutoring

"The arts and humanities define who we are as people.  That is their power.  To remind us of what we each have to offer, what we all have in common.  To help us understand history and imagine our future.  To give us hope in the moments of struggle and bring us together when nothing else will"

-Michelle Obama

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Important Update: At Home Primary School Tuition during Coronavirus Outbreak

Updated 2021.

A Team Tuition is currently experiencing high demand for our tutoring services due to the Covid-19 Outbreak and the ongoing impact it has on schools. Our first priority is to provide continued academic support to our hundreds of existing students. These will be given first placement in our online tutoring system.

If you’re worried about maintaining your child’s academic performance during school shutdowns or in periods of self-quarantine, speak to us NOW to secure your place.  We offer in-person and online tutoring services across all disciplines and intensive ATAR tutoring for years eleven and twelve students, 2021.

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