Maths Tutoring for Aural Learners – It’s All in the Delivery

Maths tutoring for aural learners

Maths Tutoring and Understanding the Needs of Aural Learners

At A Team Tuition, we work with many students who have identified as aural learners. In layman’s terms, this means that they process information easier through thorough verbal explanations as opposed to reading information. A professional maths tutor should be able to tap into these aspects of learning and find workable solutions to solving complex maths problems that are often ‘word heavy.’  

In the classroom, much of maths is taught at a quick speed using visuals. Students who miss several days of school or feel like they are falling behind often exhibit stress and overwhelm. If your child learns ‘differently,’ you may also feel like you are struggling as you work with them to try and keep up with content that they just do not understand. 

Understanding how aural learners process information is key to creating a successful maths tutoring environment.  

Taking In – Not ‘Doing’

Your child may well excel in maths or show some strengths in this area. Although they struggle with keeping up with classroom speeds, when they can slow down and talk through problems one-on-one you will find that, more often than not, they are able to understand and process concepts and equations. It then becomes a case of differentiating between verbal, visual and aural instructions and working together to find the perfect balance that will help drive success.  

Teaching Maths to Children Who Are Aural Learners

There are numerous strategies available for tutors working with students who are aural learners in maths tutoring.  

Explanation of concepts in a conversational way can help with understanding. Writing out sequences of steps into sentences and then reading them aloud is also a great starting point. Any reasoning done out loud, from both parties, will help solidify concepts.  

Word links, mnemonics, and recording lessons (maybe also asking your child’s teacher to do so) can help with the retrieval and retainment of new information. 

Working with A Team Tuition

Our program was built from the ground up and created by a neurodivergent person who struggled with their learning at school. We know how to reach and engage learners across the board and specialise in working with students who have differing needs. Our lessons are interesting, fun and relevant. We pride ourselves on building connections and forging relationships that foster learning.  

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