Meet Our Team of IB Tutors in Australia

If your child is an International Baccalaureate (or IB) student at one of Australia’s registered IB schools, you’re now well aware of the difficult curriculum and huge workload. Naturally, this can make parents and students alike wonder what on earth they’ve gotten themselves into. But before you panic, have you considered an IB tutor?  A Team Tuition’s  IB tutors in Australia offer both Australian and international students the help they need to thrive.

While it may appear quite daunting, the benefits of the IB program truly outweigh the drawbacks. Let’s not forget that your child was accepted in the first place – after such a grueling selection process, your child has proven that they are a dedicated high performer who can handle everything that is thrown at them. And with the help of a dedicated IB tutor, Australian and International students can move past the overwhelm and live up to their academic potential! That’s where A Team Tuition comes in! 

What makes the IB program so grueling?

As you know, the IB program is an intense course of study completed over the last two years of high school. It involves 6 classes on top of a range of extracurricular activities, a 4000-word essay, and the Creativity, activity, and service (CAS) course. Internal assessments count for about 20% of their overall grade, while final exams count for 80% of their grade, and so the pressure is huge. You’re looking at hours upon hours of extra study on top of what your child would have ordinarily done in their final years at high school, all so that they can more easily apply for the university course of their dreams. Your child may be irritable and overwhelmed as a result. It’s not an easy program to volunteer for. 

You can however remind them that they underwent all of that scrutiny when they applied – the testing, the interviews, and everything that went with it – and they were deemed worthy of being entered into the program. Around 70% of applicants don’t make it. Acceptance is an achievement in of itself. You can remind them that the program means that they’ll have a leg up on their classmates when it comes to university and that all their hard work will pay off in the end. The next thing you can do is look into dedicated IB tutors. There is no shame in admitting you need help, and with a tutor, your child will exit the IB program with a much better result.  

Why does my child need an IB tutor? How does it benefit them? 


IB Tutors Australia

There are three main benefits to engaging a specialist IB tutor for your child. These are: 

  1. Peace of mind 

An IB tutor will explain all the concepts easily and in an understandable manner. They’ll answer any and all questions your child may have about the program. This will ease their level of stress, and make your child feel less alone. 

  1. More free time
    An IB tutor should speed up the learning process for your child. If, for example, they usually take around 10 hours of studying to understand a concept, a tutor can help them get this study time down to 2 hours. The IB program has them completing 6 subjects at the same time, which is an astronomical amount of study for anyone. With a tutor, your child might just have a little bit of free time to relax or just be a teenager.
  1. Better results

Your child has undertaken this program to help them achieve better results – we do not want them to be overwhelmed and risk everything they’ve worked for. An IB tutor has the knowledge to guide them through their assessments. They’ll be able to offer guidance on the types of questions that may come up for maths and science subjects, and will be able to help with the structure of essays for the humanities subjects.  

At A Team Tuition, we offer a team of knowledgeable, dedicated IB tutors Australian students can rely on. Our tutors can meet with your child one-on-one in the comfort of your home, or online, depending on the needs, and location of your child. Through dedicated tutoring, your child will find the IB program less stressful, and their results will make all the hard work worth it.  

For more information about the IB program and the types of tuition on offer at A Team Tuition, contact us today on 02 0963 9544