Can tutoring be provided in person or online, or both?

At A Team Tuition, the majority of our tutoring takes place in person, at your home, and we also offer the same tutoring service online. 

Whether you choose in-person or online tutoring, our programs offer regular weekly sessions throughout the school term. This consistent approach ensures that students receive reliable and effective support from their dedicated tutor.

Our in-person tutoring takes place in familiar environments such as the child’s home, school, or public library. Research suggests that studying in a familiar setting can enhance the learning experience, making it an advantageous option.

Online tutoring programs are often recommended for families with limited availability, requiring assistance in uncommon subjects, or when our in-person capacity near your home is nearly full. Opting for online sessions grants your family access to A Team’s extensive pool of tutors, resulting in increased availability and a wider range of subject opportunities.

Furthermore, in situations where your family is going on vacation or unforeseen circumstances arise, we are fully prepared to accommodate the transition from in-person tutoring to online sessions. This flexibility ensures that tutoring continues seamlessly, even if a family or tutor is on holiday or if scheduling conflicts prevent an in-person session from taking place.

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