How ATAR Tutoring Can Help Slipping Grades

HELP! My Year Twelve’s Grades are Slipping! How ATAR Tutoring Can Help

COVID-19 and national lockdown laws impacted us all greatly, but for the students who are completing their final year of high school in the midst of a pandemic, the situation for some has been nothing short of disastrous. 

Students were sent home to undertake home learning, with digital learning becoming a part of their new everyday life. Study groups were no more, in fact, contact with anyone outside their own household was off the cards. 

On top of navigating the education obstacles, there were also emotional challenges to deal with, such as the loss of regular physical and extracurricular activities, and mental health strain.

Here are three integral steps you can take now to help your student go from struggle and stress, to straight As in time for the QCE.

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1) Determine the cause for the grade slip

There could be many reasons your child has seen their results go backwards. The first step is to determine what could have caused the decline in the first place. For example – is your child overwhelmed with all of the changes and the rapid rate at which their educational goal posts are moving? Did the change in their daily routine leave them with feelings of anxiety or simply struggling to get back into the daily grind of being back in the classroom with assessments coming at them thick and fast? Have they experienced social issues with changed friendships since they were last in the classroom? 

Whatever the cause, it is important to address the reason behind the results. Ask them how they are feeling about all of the recent changes in their life, and see if you can get to the root of the problem. If you are having trouble – it might be worthwhile seeking professional assistance such as an appointment with the school counsellor who can help you in facilitating a meaningful conversation with your teen. 

2) Did their time management and goals change?

Without the need to rise early in the morning and get themselves into the classroom, did your child struggle to get up and get moving in the mornings? Has this impacted them greatly with fatigue issues now that they have returned back to their school campus? A shift in a young adult’s energy levels could be part of the reason they are finding school a little more difficult post-lockdown. 

It is also possible that the career goals of your child have changed since being in lockdown, meaning particular subjects have become less appealing to them and the focus has been shifted. 

It can be tough to rally the enthusiasm for that last push after twelve and a half years of schooling, but it is really important to help your young person find that motivation to get across the finish line and get the ATAR score they have been striving for. If you need to implement structure and routine back into their day, the school holidays are a great time to hit the reset button and help them to hit the ground running for the start of their final term at school. 

Help them to define what their goals are, and clarify the steps they need to take to get them back on track to success. They may need help structuring a new routine to help them with their study goals – whatever it is they need, your support is going to be key in the last few months of their school career. 

3) Did the mid-term assessments reflect their learning preferences or is this an anomaly?

Did your child see a dip in grades in the first semester of Year 12? Did the absence from the physical classroom mean that they missed the push from their teachers to knuckle down and treat their mid-year exams like a trial run for the QCEs? It could be really easy to blame COVID and assume that all other students across the state were similarly impacted, but it’s time to bring the focus back onto your child and what went wrong for them.

Was the learning language unfamiliar to them? Could a tutor be the answer to sharpening your student’s study skills leading up to their final exams? 

A Team Tuition helps students – particularly those in their final stages of learning – to reach their full potential, and it’s not too late to enlist our help for your child. Learn more about how we helped some kids change their results from Cs to As in less than six months. 

Turning it around is about diagnosing the setback and putting real, actionable strategies in place to overcome the poor grades. As a parent, you’ve probably had just about enough of this whole “educator” thing.  That’s okay, we offer intensive ATAR tutoring blocks that all start with overcoming everything above. This is your last chance to help your child kick academic goals when it counts the most. 


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