Do you offer group tutoring sessions?

At A Team Tuition, we exclusively offer one-to-one tutoring. There are several reasons we adopt this approach: 

1. Personalised Learning Experience

One-to-one tutoring provides a personalised learning experience tailored to the student’s: 

  • Specific needs
  • Learning style
  • Pace
  • Goals
  • Subjects

2. Effective Learning Outcomes: 

Research has shown that one-to-one tutoring is more effective in improving academic performance compared to group tutoring. We focus on one-to-one tutoring to ensure that our students achieve the best possible learning outcomes.

3. Flexibility

One-to-one tutoring is more flexible in terms of scheduling and pacing of the lessons, which can be beneficial for students who have busy schedules or need to learn at their own pace. Providing one-to one tuition also allows us to conduct sessions at student’s homes, where it is most convenient for the family.

We have chosen to provide one-to-one tutoring exclusively to ensure that our students receive a personalised, high-quality learning experience that leads to the best possible learning outcomes.

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