When will NAPLAN results come out?

Starting in 2023, the NAPLAN Test has been moved to Term One instead of Term Two in order to be used to inform teaching and learning for the year. Due to this, there is not an exact date that NAPLAN results will come out in 2024. 

NAPLAN will be held in March starting from 2024. Student NAPLAN results are provided to schools from August onwards, depending on the state or territory you live in. We are expecting that starting in 2023, results will be available a bit earlier in the year due to the moved test dates. 

You should also be mindful of the common misconceptions about NAPLAN, such as, it being a high-stakes test, it measuring your child’s intelligence, the delayed data release being unhelpful to students and parents alike, and NAPLAN not helping students develop life skills. These are just common NAPLAN myths that are often said, but simply are not true.  

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