Courtney Louise Kelly

Success Manager and Tutor

Learning Language(s): Kinaesthetic
Degree: Bachelor of Journalism
School: Graduated from Griffith University


Hello! My name is Courtney and I am a Tutor Success Manager at A Team Tuition!

I  am a proud Torres Strait Islander woman who has a really positive outlook on life and all the challenges it brings my way. I have been living on the Gold Coast for almost 10 years and love the lifestyle here. I have a big family and an even bigger extended family (pets included). I consider myself to be a great listener, funny, and creative and love board games and photography.

I have completed a Bachelor of Journalism from Griffith University. I chose this degree because I originally wanted to be a journalist as I wanted to be a seeker of truth, to find a way to communicate to people the important information they deserved to know. Not only that, but I have big dreams to change the world and would like to be an English Teacher in Rural Indigenous Communities. 

My current position as a Tutor Success Manager allows me to fully support our tutor so they can be the very best for their students. I am very dedicated and innovative and feel that another strength of mine is my compassion which allows me to really understand the families that we work with every day.

Along with being a Success Manager, I am also a tutor. I feel that the reason I am a great tutor is that I have a unique and personalised approach tailored for each of my students and I am confident in my abilities. Furthermore, I am my students Number 1 fan and I understand that genuine achievement comes from happy, confident  and supported students. 


Location: Online Australia Wide, Gold Coast

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