Project Limitless - Our Scholarship Program

The School Tutoring Scholarship Transforming Students!

Every year, we see students who defy all odds – their previous grades, people’s opinions, and limits placed on them – to achieve to the highest possible level. A Team Tuition is not just a student tutoring service – it is a movement. We want to single-handedly change the Australian education system, as it is currently letting down masses of students in the way it is presented. It possesses a one-size-fits-all mentality, where students are sculptured to believe that if they don’t get A’s naturally, they never will. Our philosophy is that any student, anywhere, can achieve A grades with the right mindset, support and strategy.

We believe this so strongly that we created a school tutoring scholarship which aimed to transform a student who had all the makings of an A grade student, but lacked the support and strategies necessary to succeed. We call this project, Project Limitless, with the purpose of finding a failing student with a growth mindset, offering them our services, and observing as they transformed into an A-standard student.

What Does This Education Scholarship Include

The Project Limitless award is a school tutoring scholarship valued at over $6,500 that includes over 60 hours of tutoring, a parenting workshop for the families, all aimed at creating the perfect environment for success. We also include multiple lunches with Hayden and their tutors.

The Project Limitless Scholarship Includes:

  • 3 Hours per week of tutoring with an A Team Tuition Academic Personal Trainer

  • Customised Academic Strategy plans, created and customised for both students

  • Fortnightly meetings with the Academic Personal Trainers in regard to strategy and progress

  • Motivational induction session, where students’ confidence and mindset were developed and worked on. To become an A student, one must firstly believe they can become one.

How are Students Chosen for a School Tutoring Scholarship?

Handpicking the winners for this education scholarship extends over 2 months and involves a rigorous selection process. After the first application, the Top 10 applicants are ranked according to a set criterion (dubbed by A Team Tuition as the factors that make up an ‘A’ student) which assess a student’s:




Motivation & Drive

Eagerness to Learn

In particular, we place added emphasis on the attributes of ‘resilience’ and ‘grit’ as these traits encapsulate students who strive when faced with a challenge and who would not give up easily when overcoming set-backs. These characteristics are what ultimately determined the selection of the top students. The final stage in the application process requires students to sit down with a panel of interviewers composed of the partner school and A Team Tuition staff. We also interview students’ parents/guardians and teachers who could provide an all-round view on each individual applicant. This allows us to corroborate our findings through the application process and gain a more personal insight into each students’ motivation for applying and to ensure that we are selecting the students who truly saw the potential of the school tutoring scholarship.

Project Limitless Scholarship Winners


Skylah Rambold

Despite the beliefs of others around her and extreme adversity, Skylah has risen above all and achieved the impossible: moving from a failing student to one of the top 5% students in her entire school cohort.

Skylah started the year on an E grade for Maths, and was placed in the lowest level class for Year 9. But despite the restrictions placed on her, Skylah refused to be boxed in and worked incredibly hard to achieve better.

After only six weeks of tutoring, Skylah had skyrocketed from achieving C- grades in Mathematics, to now achieving straight A’s in almost all of her subjects – even subjects she wasn’t receiving tutoring in!

She was finally inching closer and closer to being able to pursue her dream career: being a paramedic.


Waide Carson

After years of struggling with school, and feeling incapable of achieving the grades he wanted, Waide did not have the confidence that he could improve his work and get A grades.

Waide’s interview was so impacting on members of A Team Tuition that we, with the help of Miami State High, created a second scholarship, specifically for Waide.

With Waide’s heightened self-motivation came a newfound sense of accomplishment in his work, which ultimately lead to him achieving far beyond what he ever believed he could.

Waide has now finally achieved an A in Science – his favourite subject – and gained entry into all OP-level classes for Year 11 – all steps that contribute towards achieving his dream of a Maritime Warfare Officer in the Royal Australian Navy.


Esther Abiya and Sarive Zena.

Esther and Sarive are actually two sisters, both of whom applied for our scholarship. From the very first moment we encountered their story, we were absolutely blown away.

At A Team Tuition, we don’t use factors such as intelligence and grades as indicators of how well a child will do in school – or life, for that matter; instead we focus on character traits such as resilience and attitudes towards success. And boy, do these girls have it by the bucket load!

Despite having already overcome more challenges than many will have to face in an entire lifetime, the gratitude that both girls showed just to be selected to participate in the interview process shone through them.  They never speak about their experiences as a ‘set back’, but always about how it has helped them strive to achieve things that many may take for granted.   After a few weeks’ worth of interviews, it was easy for us to see how deserving these motivated and driven young women were of receiving the scholarship.


Jake Budiasa-Moon

Hayden was immediately impressed by how well-spoken Jake was in his interview and described him as a “high motivated, altruistic individual with an old soul” with quite the strong handshake. After the panel heard about Jake’s sporting successes, it was evident that Jake exhibited the level of commitment that would help propel him towards higher grades when combined with learning the right study strategies.

Jake’s motivation for applying for the scholarship was based on his desire to improve his grades in order to continue his studies at university. Jake has been inspired by his very own humanities teacher, Mr Vine, to study teaching in the hopes of one day becoming either a Languages or Physical Education teacher.

As an avid lover of all sports, including football, tennis, basketball and even golf, it comes as no surprise that Jake would love to pursue a career in doing what he does best! However, while Jake knows that his sporting ability is up for the challenge, he’s concerned that his grades will be his downfall and is hoping the scholarship will not only boost his grades, but provide him with confidence during exams and tests while learning how to study at home without getting side-tracked.


Talia Brown

In the interview, Hayden recalls how captivated he was by Talia’s bubbly and positive aura as well as her desire to learn.  Her desire to do well in school was evident through her consistent participation extra-curricular activities such as in Tournament of Minds since Year 5 as well as in the school band playing the Trombone. After hearing how involved Talia is both in and outside of school and witnessing firsthand her contagious drive, we were surprised to find out that she was failing Maths. With high hopes of one day becoming a Neurosurgeon, it was evident that Talia already had the growth mindset to become an ‘A’ student but her grades just weren’t up to par.

Talia’s mother recalls that she’s dreamed of becoming a Neurosurgeon since she was three and a half. “We took her to a family doctor and there was a model of a brain and she asked what it was and if there was a doctor trained specifically to treat brains. Then when she was in Prep, her teacher asked her ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’

She drew a picture of a doctor treating a patient. She’s always wanted to do that, but she just knows that her current grades won’t get her there.” Karen is also aware that Talia has struggled a bit in Chemistry and Physics, both of which are prerequisites to be able to study in this field and is hoping the scholarship will have an accumulative effect on most of her grades. Her teachers are confident that by applying the right strategies, she most certainly could boost her marks in all of these subjects.

A Team Tuition’s vision is to provide every student the opportunity to succeed in school