What is the difference between the QCE and the VCE?

Each state and territory has its own Senior Secondary Certificate to signify the completion of secondary school. These certificates are internationally recognised and provides evidence of senior schooling achievements. 

The QCE is the Queensland State Certificate, and the VCE is the Victoria State Certificate, but all states in Australia have their own qualification which are as follows: 

  • Victoria – VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education)
  • Queensland – QCE (Queensland Certificate of Education) 
  • New South Wales – HSC (High School Certificate) 
  • Western Australia – WACE (Western Australian Certificate of Education)
  • South Australia – SACE (South Australian Certificate of Education)
  • Tasmania – TCE (Tasmanian Certificate of Education)
  • Northern Territory – NTCE (Northern Territory Certificate of Education and Training 
  • Australian Capital Territory – ACT Senior Secondary Certificate

The age a student is able to leave school varies around Australia. Each Senior Secondary Certificate has its own qualifications which can also be found on the ACARA Website. 

We have both QCE Tutors and VCE Tutors that are equipped with the curriculum and can help your child gain their Senior Secondary Certificate and get them ready for the world outside high school!

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