Struggling with your child's less than ideal study habits?

How to teach your child to study effectively

 Our Masterclass will guide you through our fool-proof "Study Pyramid" method and the strategies 'A' students use to get ahead in their classes.

Teach Your Child the Study "Secrets" of 'A' Students

Unlock the Path to Academic Excellence with Our Masterclass

Are you ready to transform your child's study habits and propel them from average to exceptional? Introducing our Masterclass on "How to Teach Your Child to Study Effectively" using our carefully crafted, 3 Tiered Study Pyramid.

Level 1: Initial Learning Stage

At this foundational level, your child will delve into the art of learning engagement and building strong teacher relationships. These critical skills form the basis of effective study practices. We'll guide your child to establish a solid educational foundation and ignite their enthusiasm for learning.

Level 2: Linking of Content through Revision

In the second tier of the Study Pyramid, your child will explore the powerful concepts of content understanding and mastery. We'll teach them how to connect the dots between topics, ensuring they grasp the material thoroughly. With our strategies, they'll gain the skills needed to excel in their studies.

Level 3: Perfecting Knowledge Base through Practice Questions

At the pinnacle of the pyramid lies the ultimate level of study mastery. Your child will delve into the world of application and dominance of knowledge. Our methods will empower them to refine their knowledge base through practice questions, ensuring they're fully prepared to excel in exams and assessments.

Our Masterclass is more than just a workshop; it's a transformative journey that equips your child with the essential skills to secure top grades. 'A' Grade students incorporate these strategies into their daily routines, setting them on the path to academic success.

Join us in this enlightening Masterclass and witness the remarkable improvement in your child's study habits. Help them unleash their full potential and achieve the grades they truly deserve.


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How to Teach Your Child to Study Effectively


How to create a set study strategy that is customised to your child's goals and needs

Proven strategies from each of the 3 levels of our Study Pyramid method

Exactly what "secret" learning methods 'A' students use to get ahead

Ways to immediately improve your child's concentration and motivation in class and during study sessions