The Secrets to Academics Revealed (STAR) Program

Secrets to Academics Revealed (STAR)

How Schools Can Help Students Succeed

The Secrets to Academics Revealed (STAR) Program was created to be a powerful resource of skills for student success.  Beyond "classroom management" it's about classroom optimisation.  It aims to help your students uncover lifelong skills that will not only help them get A’s, but adopt the behaviour and mindset for lifelong success. We believe that through mindset, strategy, and support, any student can succeed in school.

A different approach for teachers and tutors in Australia

The STAR Program has been designed by tutors, teachers, child psychologists and other professionals, and is a result of years of research and experience of what strategies actually work. When implemented during school programs, The STAR Program is designed to use interactive techniques to ensure students understand exactly how to become successful in school.

How we partner with schools to transformed students

Our STAR Program and teacher resources are the foundation of our approach to classroom management and optimisation. When you choose to partner with us we create a framework around your school.  It may include:

  • Motivational seminar with our founder, former elite athlete Hayden McEvoy
  • Help for teachers with parent communications, student study strategies, classroom management and individual student support.
  • Assistance managing single students, be the student a potential high performer, or a student struggling with the curriculum
  • The option for on-campus or at home private tutoring for students
  • Assistance in achieving your school's goals under the ATAR system

Teaching Success Tips for School Students

The STAR Program contains a set of nine modules that targets a specific facet of what creates an A Student, and more importantly an A-standard human being. The nine modules include content on growth mindset, support networks, goal setting, time management, stress management, exam and study strategy and other essential components of success.

The nine modules are delivered in the school programs over a period of about two years. At the beginning of the prep period, students will spend time doing activities that teach the content of a specific module. Every week, students will work through new content and learn the strategies from the STAR Program.

How Boarding Schools Can Help Students Achieve More

Contact us to learn more about the STAR Program in school partnerships and start teaching your students the strategies to become successful!

Our vision is to provide every student the opportunity to succeed in school