It's a widely accepted past time that with a new year comes new dreams, goals, and possibilities. For us at A Team Tuition, we have acquired a brand new goal, which has been part of our company's dream for years: expanding our incredible tutoring service out of just being in the Gold Coast region, and spreading our tutoring properly into Brisbane.

2017 was an absolutely incredible year for A Team Tuition's tutors and students. We've heard so many incredible life-changing stories, like that of Mae Le, Jordan Abbott, and Aleks Everstets. We've helped over 87% of our students move into achieving A-standard grades - but most importantly, we have had the honour to help change students' lives for the better.

We want to continue doing that in the Brisbane region - an area that we believe is filled to the brim with students who are simply oozing with potential, motivation, and passion, and simply need the academic strategy and coaching to achieve their dreams.

We know that we can do this for students, because across 2017, we did it in two incredible students as a part of our first Project Limitless Transformation Scholarship! Read on in this article to catch a glimpse into the history of A Team Tuition and the journey our company has been on to get to this monumental expansion, and all about the life-altering journey our incredible Team Limitless scholarship students, Waide and Skylah, were on throughout 2017.

Most importantly, make sure you read to the end to hear about the mind-blowing $10,000 scholarship that we will be giving away to one very lucky Brisbane student!


A Look Back at Project Limitless: Gold Coast

One thing we know we are absolutely brilliant at here at A Team Tuition is seeing potential in people, especially when they can’t see it in themselves.

This ability is a direct result of our cornerstone belief: that any student, anywhere, can achieve an A with the right mindset, support and strategy. This belief isn’t just restricted to our students and their schooling, but also applies to the company as a whole, from our CEO to our newest tutors.

Helping people harness their potential is something we pride ourselves on, and was the reason we decided to provide two Miami State High School students with a $5000 Transformation Scholarship. This scholarship would allow us to show those who feel defeated by the rigors of the education system that being intelligent has very little to do with being successful.

Enter our two winners, Skylah Rambold and Waide Carson, who were chosen out of 106 applicants. It was originally intended to give out only one scholarship; but upon meeting the both of these students and hearing their stories, it was clear that we would have no option but to provide two scholarships for these two.

Both were selected for their potential and desire to be achieve far higher than they were; for us it was merely a question of providing the tools they needed.

As with all students, both Waide and Skylah were incredibly individualized, with completely different personalities, needs, and wants. For this reason, they needed very different approaches. For Skylah, it was always a question of confidence. Having gotten herself from a D to a C- earlier in the year, it was clear that she needed to believe that she could do better.

Through working with her tutor, Skylah learned study strategies that worked for her, the ability to question her tutor and teachers, and most importantly to take ownership of her learning! You can read more about Skylah’s transformation here, and gain some insight into how she felt about her A Team journey!

For Waide, whose story you can read about here, it was about making the decision to accept the difference between wanting to be better and working to be better. Pushed by his tutor, Waide began to understand that school is not just a means to an end - it is the way you apply yourself to learning, like anything in life, that will grant yourself the opportunity to reap the rewards.

Fast forward three terms and the results speak for themselves! Both students are officially A students, achieving everything they had set out to do; but more importantly to us, they are truly understanding the power of their own potential.


The Next Step

Hot on the heels of the astonishing success of our first Project Limitless (Gold Coast) Scholarship comes our second venture: the official launch of our scholarship in Brisbane! And this time, it’s valued at $10,000 – double that of our first!

Open to all Brisbane high school students, the scholarship includes multiple elements that we at A Team Tuition believe will help propel a student towards success. This includes:

  • 100 hours of tutoring across the year
  • Access and guidance through our Parenting Blueprint Program (focused on assisting the parents of the student)
  • Lunch with some of our incredible OP1 tutors.

Our scholarship amount is set higher than ever before, for the purpose of allowing a student to achieve higher than anyone would ever believe possible.

“Our goal,” remarks CEO Hayden McEvoy, “is to see how far we can go, how much we can achieve. We’ve proven that our scholarship has the capability to propel a student from C’s to A’s – this next scholarship is in pursuit of pushing the boundaries set by the education system. We want to prove that it could help a student go from the lowest point, all the way to being set up to Dux their grade.”

If you are a student of any Brisbane high school, we highly encourage you to apply! Just submit your application through our website. Applications open Friday 19th of January, and will close Sunday February 18th at 11:59pm, so make sure you get your application in as soon as possible for this amazing opportunity!