Andrena Kandiah

Andrena Kandiah

Sydney Maths and English Tutor

Learning Language(s): Visual
Degree: Bachelor of International Studies
School: Currently Studying at the University of New South Wales


 Hello, my name is Andrena!

I am a third year International Studies student at UNSW, and have tons of tutoring experience with both groups of up to 30 people, and one-to-one lessons for the past 2 years now. My positive, optimistic and encouraging approach towards my students, who all not only achieve fantastic results in their assessments, but a genuine love for the subject I am tutoring, encourages me to continually teach, and adhere to A Team’s holistic approach to tutoring in a strong manner. I think my best personality traits are my continuous encouragement towards others, independence, imagination, confidence and optimism. In my spare time, you’ll find me doing really creative and artsy things, whether it be writing music, literature or play-scripts, learning French and Spanish, acting in stage productions, or taking photos of landscapes and friends. 

I am currently studying a Bachelor of  International Studies and I chose this degree because I’m really curious about the relationships between nations and cultures, and how the world thrives on these relationships, and uses them to the best of their ability. I’m also super interested in how current events create domino effects on other aspects of government and society, and what this means in the short and long term for society.

My creativity, enthusiasm, determination and patience I think are my most integral strengths, which I pass down towards my students. I feel that I am a great tutor because my intellectual curiosity about everything in the world filters into my teaching, as I am always curious about the perspectives that my students can bring into my life, which encourages me to look at the world in different ways. I also think that my passion for the arts has filtered into my passion for teaching, as it always encourages me to continually find creative ways to encourage a growth mindset and passion for learning in my students.

Subject: Maths Extension 2, Maths Extension 1, Maths Methods (Maths Advanced), Year 10 Maths, Year 9 Maths, Year 8 Maths, Year 7 Maths, English Standard, English Advanced, English Extension, English Year 10, English Year 7/8, English Year 9, Maths Standard

Location: Australia Wide Online, Sydney

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