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English is the single most important subject that a student will undertake during their schooling career, yet, it is the subject with the lowest average grade. Without a strong English foundation, essentially all subjects will suffer. However, in contrary, by improving a student’s English skills generally we see an overall improvement throughout all their other subjects as well.

A Team Tuition’s Academic Personal Trainers deal with all of the intricate facets that encompass this subject from grammar and spelling right through to how students are connecting with their teacher in understanding exactly what they are after. They begin this through assessing the major areas in which the student may be falling behind whether it be from missing the concepts all together or whether they just need someone to throw ideas around with to help build their confidence.

Our English specialists have been specifically handpicked and are fast becoming nationally recognised for their outstanding work. They provide their students with an incredible wealth of knowledge and strategies that are specifically designed to revolutionise the way our students approach English.

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History, in essence, is the study of the past. It’s very existence is to understand the actions and implications of humans from a by-gone time. To understand the past is to understand people.

The subject of History, just like the past, also has patterns to it. At A Team Tuition, we have dedicated time and people to breaking down a variety of historical topics from numerous schools to help our students further understand exactly how to achieve an A standard in the subject. Our Academic Personal Trainers provide strategies on many skills within History, such as:

  • Strategies on how and where to research and reference.
  • Techniques for gaining the most out of study, both in and outside of the classroom.
  • How to conquer the pitfall of time management of assignments in History.
  • Overall appreciation and interest in the concepts of the past.

Everything we do here at A Team Tuition is based on what we have and have not seen to work in the past. We understand the past, we understand people, and with some time, so can you.

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