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It should come as no surprise that Australian industry is one of the powerhouses that keeps the entire Asia Pacific industrial region ticking over. Not only is the continent (or island – it’s still open for debate) incredibly rich in minerals – but it is also home to a diverse population that prides itself on a work ethic that rewards attention to detail and simple hard work.

Nowhere is this more true than in Brisbane – a city that has some of the most vibrant industries in Australia.

Brisbane is one of the powerhouse territories when it comes to what makes Australian industry tick over. There are a number of companies that are among the foundation of what makes Australia one of the regions economic hubs.

Firstly there is there is insurance, which has a number one leader – Suncorp. Although the company has taken a hammering through having to pay out due to natural disasters, it still maintains its position at the top of the pile.

Suncorp still boasts a revenue in excess of 7.8 billion Aussie dollars – and that is not to be laughed at. It is one of the most successful Australian companies, and despite a management reshuffle in 2016, it continues on its path towards dominance of the Australian insurance industry.

Brisbane is also home to one of the countries largest rail operators – Aurizon Holdings. With well over 6500 employees it is one of Australia’s biggest private companies, and with a turnover of $1.8 billion it certainly is no lightweight when it comes to Australian industry. With contracts with mining giants like BHP Billiton, its unlikely that the company is going to stop making its mark on Brisbane.

Gambling also plays its part in contributing to the treasury of the state of Queensland – and one of the largest contributors to this income must be the Tatts Group. This gambling juggernaut is simply enormous – and it fuels both domestic and international appetite for chance and luck. With revenue that exceeds $1.6 billion its luck seems to be holding steady. The Brisbane based business is making more money than ever before due to moving away from non casino business and focusing on its lottery ideal. Moving away from bricks and mortar into a more online based business is also paying huge dividends.

Then there is always the food business. Dominos Pizza is taking Australia by storm – and this Brisbane based business is at the leading edge of what it takes to dominate the delivery business. The company is doing things right by allowing customers to order via apps and allowing orders to be delivered via electric push bikes. There are thoughts about drone delivery – but that simply pie in the sky stuff – excuse the pun. It still remains one of the greatest success stories in Australia – and Brisbane remains its home.

Then there is of course the financial sector with the Bank of Queensland leading the way. Its relationship with Investec has certainly not harmed it and the diversification into other areas of finance will help it reach markets other than Australia. The fast growing financial services sector means that this Brisbane based financial services provider is ideally suited to take advantage of the upper middle class in Asia (which is growing incredibly fast!).

Brisbane is one of the most vibrant commercial markets in Australia. It will continue to drive the economy of the country – and it will continue thrive. It is a part of Australia that is at the helm of the economy.

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