view of brisbane river and cityscape at sunset

If you live in Brisbane or are visiting the city and looking for a few activities to enjoy and remain active, we have listed some of the top activities you should try!

Budget Friendly Activities To Do In Brisbane Queensland

• River City Cruises

It is an informative, relaxing and affordable way to view the best part of Brisbane from the river scene. Whether you’re a local or tourist, the river city cruises are some of the best ways to indulge in the Brisbane way of life.

• Boggo Road Gaol History Tour

Here, you will learn the 1980’s dramatic escapes, riots, infamous inmates, daily lives of prisoners, riots and the duties of officers. The tour is also child friendly so you can bring your family with you and view everything about the prison system.

• Brisbane Haunted Tour

Did you know that just like any other town, Brisbane also has a haunted past? Well, the Brisbane Haunted Tour is the best way to learn about the creepy side of the capital. Visit the real haunted places and hear the ghost stories that haunt the city.

• Kayaking Tour

If you’re looking for a way to get immersed in nature, you should take a break from the busy city and enjoy a kayaking tour. With instructors along for the ride on the Enogerra Reservoir, you can enjoy the calm waters and wildlife that allows you to enjoy the nature in Brisbane.

• Puzzle Room Escape Adventures

If you love solving puzzles, you can always keep your mind rejuvenated while in Brisbane by enjoying these amazing puzzle room escape adventures. Whether you’re solving murders or any other mystery, you’re bound to keep your adrenaline pumping by solving these amazing adventures.

Premium Adventures In Brisbane Queensland

• Private Chauffeur Tour

Hire a car and a chauffeur to take you around the city. You can choose wherever you want to go, or ask for recommendations on the best places to visit while you’re in the city and the private driver will take you there. You can bring your own food and make the entire experience memorable with your friends or family.

• Pub Crawl

Have you ever done a pub crawl, or wanted to do one but never have the time? Well, if you find yourself in Brisbane, it’s the best time to do it. You can always find a list of pubs in the area and write down your own map of where to start the pub crawl and end. You’re bound to pick up other pub crawlers along the way to make the whole experience unforgettable!

• Restaurants And Nightlife

There is so much wining and dining to enjoy while you’re in the city so you should find a list of your favorite restaurants to enjoy while in the area. Even better, it’s the best way to enjoy the local cuisine. Additionally, you can always dress up with some friends and enjoy the nightlife in the city. Look for the best clubs in the city and enjoy a drink or two as well as dancing with other patrons. There’s so much to eat, drink and enjoy while you’re in Brisbane.

There’s much more to enjoy while you’re in Brisbane so get a map and enjoy these and many more.

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