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We are the most elite teaching team in Australia.

By joining our team, you will have access to an abundance of working opportunities that will advance your career. Not only will you have the benefit of personally changing lives, but you will also build relationships that will last a lifetime. Academic Personal Training is a job like no other. You will become an esteemed professional and play a vital role in sparking a revolutionary movement. You will become addicted to the thrill of changing lives. Come join us today.

As an Academic Personal Trainer:

  • You Will Change Lives
  • You Will Learn and Adopt the Secrets of Academic Success.
  • You Will Build Lifelong Relationships.
  • You Will Have Flexible Hours.
  • You Will Play a Part of Revolutionising the Education Industry.
  • You Will Become an Esteemed Professional.
  • You Will Have Access to Career Advancement Opportunities.

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