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Our Journey with A Team Tuition

Our daughter Aneeka is currently in Grade 4!  Without her being officially diagnosed we are pretty sure she has a form of dyslexia as it is in both of our families. This means that she struggles to read and spell which effects her schoolwork ad confidence towards school. Just like so many mums, when I try and help her after school,  we end up clashing, which is why I brought on A Team Tuition! Aneeka and her tutor, Grace are working together to build her confidence and abilities!

Whether you need help with homework, assignments, exam preparation or just a confidence and motivation boost at school – A Team Tuition is able to help, plus they specifically match your tutor with your family to fit your child's needs!

Get in touch below and one of their academic specialists will be in touch to discuss your child and options for tutoring!
- Sam Walker

Our vision is to provide every student the opportunity to succeed in school through educating them in the most effective way for them to learn. Our tutors believe that any student can succeed academically with the right mindset, strategies, and support. Our matching team will find your child a tutor who cares and fits their personality and goals. 

With one-on-one tutoring, we'll help your child change their approach to learning. We'll help them develop an "academic mindset" which means better school results, and a more motivated, enthusiastic child.

  • Develop confidence, motivation and improve their grades.
  • Focus on smarter study habits, not longer ones.
  • At home, or online tutoring sessions so you don't need to taxi them anywhere!
  • One-on-one, child-centric private tutoring, to get more achieved and a mentor for your child.
  • Flexibility around extra-curricular activities and day to day commitments
  • Understanding.  Families are all different.  We work to fit in with yours.
  • School support.  We will help build your child's learning network and co-ordinate their academic transformation journey.
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