On March 17th 2018, A Team Tuition had the honour to be a part of Mission Educate’s annual Fun Run event – the Mozi Run!

A team tution annual Fun Run event

A team tution annual Fun Run event

Mission Educate is a charity organization from the local Gold Coast region, which focuses on providing quality education to children and young adults in the country of Mozambique. According to a study done by Global Finance, Mozambique is one of the poorest countries in the world, coming in 7th when ranked across the world; over 80% of its citizens live in deepest forms of poverty in rural communities, with over a million children having no access to any form of education.

Mission Educate however works tirelessly to provide basic educational needs for students, ranging from building school buildings, to providing educators, through the King of Kings school in Mozambique. At this present time, over 1800 students attend Prep to Year 12 at King of Kings, and numerous new developments are being constructed by Mission Educate yearly to provide further support and education to a needing region.

To do so, Mission Educate focuses on raising funds, awareness, and opportunities by running numerous charity events and working with Australian citizens who donate to the cause – particularly with communities in or surrounding Emmanuel College. Our CEO, Hayden McEvoy, had attended Emmanuel College during most of his high school years and had frequently been in contact with the Director of Mission Educate, Dr. Terry King.


So, when we were contacted by Dr. King to be a part of the Mozi Run event, we absolutely jumped at the chance. Our mission is to help transform students’ lives, teaching them not only achieve academically but also how maximize their potential in all aspects of life. It is our opinion that our mission was therefore in exact alignment with that of Mission Educate, and so, we laced up our joggers and got ready to take on the Mozi Run!

The Mozi Run is an annual Fun Run event of either 5km or 10km, organized by Mission Educate and sponsored by a multitude of entities, including the Gold Coast City Council, to help raise funds for the King of Kings school in Mozambique. The funds are partially raised by companies sponsoring the event, as well as entry fees, donations, and sponsorships of the runners themselves. This year, over $13,000 was raised before and during the event, with more donations to come!

Along with sponsoring the event, we ourselves participated in the Fun Run!

A whole group of tutors and management staff went to the event and participated in the 5km run, all running together for the amazing cause. We also had a fun stall set up, with brain teasers to exercise the brains of the runners, and prizes to help refuel tired muscles!


Overall, it was an absolutely incredible day, with other 500 participants ranging from families, schools, competitive runners, and our very own A Team crew. Make sure to check out the photos below to see what the day was like, and look out for our video of the event.

A team tution annual Fun Run event











If you are interested in participating in future events or would like to find out more about supporting our greater world community, please contact us or head to www.missioneducate.org.