How Does Lockdown Tutoring Work?

Are you considering lockdown tutoring for your child? A Team Tuition is here to help! 

Lockdown Tutoring

How Does Lockdown Tutoring Work?

With parts of the country going in and out of lockdown, your child is probably feeling the effects of another seriously disruptive school year. Hiring a lockdown tutor to help them get back on track and stay motivated during yet another lockdown is your best bet – but how does it work? What is involved? Our tutors are here to help! A Team Tuition offers experienced tutors across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and a range of other locations across the nation. Visit us online today and secure your child’s academic success! 

What does Lockdown Tutoring look like?

With various regions of Australia going in and out of lockdown, children are having to constantly readapt to different teaching methods – in school and online. It’s affecting all aspects of their lives and can really upset their motivation and the mindset they need to succeed. Many parents are hiring a tutor to get their child through lockdown and set them on the right path so that COVID isn’t as huge a disruption as it otherwise would be. This is especially important to teens studying their VCE or HSC – they need to be ready once exam time hits!  

Build better study habits with lockdown tutoring

During a lockdown, kids can’t attend school, and so need to be temporarily home-schooled instead. Yes, ‘home school’, the phrase all parents have learned to dread over the past 18 months. Temporary home schooling can be a bit of a blessing in disguise, however, as it gives your kids the opportunity to develop better study habits and the ability to self-motivate – both skills critical to success at university. Through the development of a daily study routine, your child can build the core skills necessary to thrive both in life and in school – which is what it’s all about! 

Lockdown Tutor

Tailored tutoring online

Ordinarily, A Team Tuition tutors visit your child at your home and provide one-on-one sessions tailored to your child’s needs. In a lockdown environment, this isn’t possible, and so our tutors utilise online sessions instead. Through tutoring sessions carefully planned in conjunction with the curriculum your child is studying, A Team Tuition tutors will work on any issues a student might be having, as well as building their motivation and self-confidence so that they can achieve their best results – lockdown or no lockdown! All that’s needed to begin is internet access, a free Zoom account, and headphones.  


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