"A" students are not these wonderful, esoteric, elusive, Godlike people that only the special among us become. It actually comes down to how badly they desire to become an A student, how much time and effort they are willing to invest into developing themselves, and what level of Academic Independence and Strategy they recruit. It is our philosophy that any student, anywhere, in any subject, can achieve an A grade with the right attitude, mindset, academic strategy, mentoring and nurturing.

Become a part of the team changing education student by student!

A Team Tuition are the founders of Academic Personal Training, a hybrid of Tutoring, Mentoring and Academic Strategy. Ultimately, we believe that any student can achieve academic success with the right support and strategies. We witness this every day as currently we have transformed over 700 students into straight A students, ultimately redefining their reality and changing their lives forever.

By joining our team, you will have the opportunity to not only witness greatness but become a key player in it. Our team is always looking for passionate and motivated people who we can train and develop into the ultimate Academic Personal Trainers. To join our team we require no experience in tutoring - just awesome subject knowledge, as we look after the rest! We will develop you into the most elite performers in the industry!

This job is flexible, paid very well and incredibly rewarding - you can't afford not to join our movement!

As an Academic Personal Trainer:

  • You will change lives and witness student and family transformations
  • You will get paid extremely well and learn how to become an elite performing academic
  • We offer 10-30+ hours of tutoring per week - we are the only tutoring entity that does this in Australia
  • You will develop life long friendships and relationships with your students and their families
  • Work whenever you like! We book students around your personal schedule
  • Develop your client management, consultancy and teaching skills which will put you ahead of the game into your future careers
  • On average, our tutors grades increase by 10% purely by becoming experts on the learning process
  • Join the fastest growing education company in Australia
  • A job where you can actually make a difference and become someone's hero

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