Holiday Tutoring


In the academic performance world, school holidays present the perfect opportunity to get ahead of the game whilst other students are away on holidays or on break. They are the best opportunity to really work on the gaps in our students’ knowledge and focus on their points of weakness that may be holding them back throughout the school term, without the pressure of looming due dates and clashing time tables.

Our Term 5 Programs Are...

  • Completely customisable to your family’s needs with flexible days and times

  • Resources for every unit and subject including IB content, NAPLAN preparation and the new ATAR Curriculum

  • Develop study skills, confidence and strategies to succeed in school next year

  • Sessions will be tailored to your child’s learning style – fun and engaging or content-driven

  • Get a head start on the Secrets to Academics Revealed (STAR) Program

  • Reduced Confusion Towards School


Break the "struggle cycle"

If your child's report card indicates they're struggling, holiday tutoring can "catch them up" to ensure next year is an easier year.  Next year, they'll build on the knowledge they've gained this year.  We'll help solidify that knowledge and bring them up to speed.  Break the cycle and help them to get ahead.

Based on a Decade of Extraordinary Results

A Team Tuition is proud to offer a Term 5 Accelerator Program, designed specifically to give your child the edge before Term 1 starts! Over the past decade of tutoring, we have found that our best-performing students never stop learning. Rather than plateauing across the summer holidays, you can now take advantage of our Accelerator Program to make sure that your children are prepared, confident and motivated to start the new school year in the best possible frame of mind!

Holiday Tutoring for Year 11 & 12 Students

With ATAR playing a pivotal role in your child's future, holiday tutoring allows them to be prepared for the year ahead.  Our private tutors can help students going into Years 11 and 12 get a headstart on the vital years to come. More than that, our tutors know that in the maths and sciences, work completed in early highschool forms the foundations of their final year.  Holiday tutoring gives students the opportunity to solidify those foundations so they have every chance of getting the ATAR they need to achieve their dreams.

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