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Our Commitment to Parents

We offer comprehensive assistance to your boarder, not just in academics but also developing mindset, motivation, and a genuine enthusiasm for learning.

Guildford Grammar School has partnered with A Team Tuition to be the preferred provider for tutoring for your family.  This partnership has come from recognising the increase in the number of parents requesting tutors within the school and supporting GGS's mission to inspire students to achieve personal excellence.

A Team Tuition tutors are employed by A Team after passing a rigorous 4-stage recruitment process and 2-day training program.  All tutors are reference checked, WWCC and Police checked with Guildford Grammar having full visibility of your tutor's details.

Once your program is confirmed with A Team Tuition, you will receive a session summary detailing each of the sessions your child has with their tutor.  In addition, your family is allocated a Client Support Manager who will support and nurture your family throughout the program.

A Team Tuition is partnered with the Australian Boarding Schools Association and work hand in hand with Guildford Grammar School to ensure that tutors are aligned with your child's assessments and curriculum. Tutoring will be delivered online for boarders in all year levels and across all subjects.

Help your child meet their full potential!

Consistent Communication and Support

We align with Guildford Grammar School's mission and believe that students have agency in their own learning. Tutoring support can help your child develop the mindset, confidence, and strategies that will allow them to not only achieve personal excellence, but become outstanding citizens.

One of the fundamental principles of our approach to tutoring is the “child’s support network”.  In a boarding house, this means additional support from tutors to support their network:

  • Individualised academic assistance
  • Providing study skills and techniques
  • Mentoring
  • Acting as a cheerleader
  • Overseeing homework and study outside of class time
  • Assisting in navigating social and emotional situations

We liaise with your child’s support network to ensure there are no gaps and provide feedback and communication with the whole network – so your child’s educational needs are seamlessly met.

Our Academic Advantage Program at Guildford Grammar

We provide Guildford Grammar Boarders with highly engaging and effective tutoring assistance.

The Academic Advantage program is provided to Year 7 & 8 Students. The program is carefully tailored to improve your child’s confidence, motivation, and grades by developing their mindset, strategy, and support during their most crucial years. We support students with the school curriculum and provide “A” grade study strategies.

We also provide assistance and mentoring after school in the library for all boarders.

GGS School Program Schedule

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

6 - 7 PM - Year 7 Boarders
8 - 8 PM - Year 8 Boarders


In 2021, across 2,500 students we had a 23.1% increase in grade improvement. Meaning that on average, every student went up an entire letter grade.


95% of our students have a significant increase in


86% of our students have a significant increase in

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