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Good News Lutheran College

School Partnership

Good News Lutheran College is currently taking expressions of interest for students to partake in parent funded small-group (4 students) tutoring. The estimated cost is a total of $295 for 1.5 hours a week for 8 weeks a term. If you would like to register your interest for your child to be a part of the program, please fill out the form below. If you have any questions, please contact Emma Cairns.


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Our Commitment to Parents

We’re here to support your child, not only academically but to stay focused, motivated and excited by learning.  We’re here to provide study support at school and at home!

 We work with child psychologists, education experts, and Good News Lutheran College to deliver tutoring that develops "A-grade" learning skills.  We then carefully select, train and support all our Werribee tutors to create the optimal study environment for your child.

Help your child meet their full potential!

We Get Your Challenges

Constant Communication, Constant Support

One of the fundamental principles of our approach to tutoring is the “child’s support network”.  Your child needs the support and influence of the school, teachers, peers, parents, and tutors to thrive.  This means additional support from tutors to support:

  • Empowering your child with academic strategies
  • Building metacognitive skills
  • Overseeing homework and study
  • Acting as a cheerleader
  • Providing positive influence
  • Providing mentoring

Our Transformer Program at Good News

A Team Tuition provides Good News Lutheran College with highly engaging and effective tutoring assistance before and after school. The tutoring provides academic and metacognitive support to selected students from Grade 4 - Year 11. The program is in place to improve your child’s confidence, motivation, and grades by developing their mindset, strategy, and even more support.

The Academic Personal Trainers deliver the A Team Advantage program with the students in Years 7-9. This focuses on empowering students with the metacognitive and academic skills to succeed.

Students in Years 4-11 receive homework and subject specific support from the Academic Personal Trainers. The A Team Tuition tutoring approach supports the curriculum students are covering in classes while also building on other skills your child needs to succeed.


In 2021, across 2,500 students we had a 23.1% increase in grade improvement. Meaning that on average, every student went up an entire letter grade.


95% of our students have a significant increase in


86% of our students have a significant increase in

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