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We Believe That Any Student, Anywhere Can Achieve “A” Grades With The Right Support, Strategies and Mindset

A Team Tuition has a solid focus on working with students, parents and schools as a cohesive educational support team to deliver improved student academic and social outcomes. As partners of the Australian Boarding Schools Association, A Team Tuition are experienced in working closely with school principals and staff to achieve growth and success for students through academic guidance and life mentoring.

Significant research has been undertaken to assist in developing the holistic approach to student success that is The A Team Tuition difference. We work with schools to evaluate student campus behaviour, diligence and grades as well as their social network and interactions to maximise productivity and engagement. Matching tutors with a student’s personality, goals and learning style and the creation of individualised plans is just one of the keys to our success. Identifying the hurdles limiting student success and providing an element of mentorship with a relatable tutor sets up the pillars of support, enabling the full realisation of student potential.

How can we help you deliver on the educational compact between schools and students? A Team Tuition are proud to share our insights to the keys to student success, how we partner with schools to nurture student academic and personal achievement, the A Team Tuition Boarding School Program and more.

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Kinaesthetic Learning style

Learning Styles – The Kinaesthetic Learner

Note: If you’re unsure as to what a learning language is, make sure to read our introductory blog all about the various learning styles, and why they’re important! KINAESTHETIC LEARNING…

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Learning Styles – The Aural Learner

Note: If you’re unsure as to what a learning language is, make sure to read our introductory blog all about the different learning styles, and why they’re important! AURAL LEARNING STYLE…

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learning styles

Learning Styles 2.0: An Introduction To The Way We Learn

In all the years we have spent in the education industry, A Team Tuition and its team have absolutely never met the same student twice. By that, we mean to…

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motivation for students

The Key To End of School Year Motivation for Students

Have you ever wondered why do we do the things we do? Specifically, what motivates us and how can we learn to channel motivation when it’s lacking? Perhaps we should…

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one on one private tutoring

Top 10 Trends In The Education Sector

Updated 2022 Educators all around the world were either discovering new ways to incorporate technology in their instruction or got better at it, regardless of the level of the institution.…

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how to help my child succeed at school

How A Team Tuition Tutors Are Transforming Gold Coast Students

How A Team Tuitions Gold Coast Tutors Transformed Two Students From C- to A Grades in 3 Months! Our Tutoring Scholarship Students’ First Term Results Are In! A Team Tuition…

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Meet the Winners of A Team Tuition’s $5000 Tutoring Scholarship!

Imagine what it feels to win a prize so great, that you know from this point onwards, your life will change forever. On Wednesday the 26th of April 2017, A Team…

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australian boarding school association

Australia’s Elite Boarding School Tutoring Program

Boarding house staff are required to tirelessly provide individualised support and attention to all boarding house students. This includes being a stand-in parent for hundreds of students all at once, each with their own individual issues, needs, and wants. It is the duty of boarding house staff to care for the future of tomorrow, to nurture hundreds of the young minds of today; but how it is possible when a house parent has only two hands?

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Five Business Principles Emmanuel College Indirectly Taught Me

As a child, I was every bit the trouble maker you’d expect an ADHD kid to be. Not only was I rebellious, but I struggled to get grades over a C. Flash forward to over 12 years later, and I now run and own several companies, with over 59 staff, many of whom accomplished much higher than I in their schooling years.

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