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As parents, we all want the very best for our children and are aware that success in school can often be a huge determinant for success in life after school.  A Team Tuition focus on working with students, parents, schools and individual tutors as a cohesive educational support team to help students reach their full potential, academically and socially.  As passionate educators, A Team Tuition is committed to providing parents with all the information and resources necessary for student success as part of their tutoring program.

A Team Tuition has invested significant time and energy in research to assist with the development of programs that meet student’s academic and emotional needs.  With highly skilled educators and a wealth of information garnered through dedicated research, A Team Tuition has practical tips and information to assist you on the sometimes challenging education journey as parents of school aged children and current relevant information relating to changes in the education system and what it means for your child.

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IB Tutoring Adelaide

Considering IB Tutoring? Adelaide Students Can Reap The Benefits

Considering IB Tutoring? Adelaide Students Can Reap The Benefits! Never has the concept behind the International Baccalaureate program been so integral. To create a generation that can move beyond cultural…

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Group of Eight University

How To Get Into A Group Of Eight University

Australia’s Own Ivy League! How To Get Into A Group Of Eight University If you have a Year 12 student, you might be wondering about future study options. In particular, you…

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Girls in STEM

Girls in STEM – Inspiring a Love of STEM Subjects

Girls in STEM – Inspiring a Love of STEM Subjects is About Mindset Inspiring a love of STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) in girls is all about mindset.…

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ATAR Tutoring Melbourne

Advice to Parents of ATAR Kids from a Melbourne Teacher

I’m A Melbourne Secondary Teacher – Here’s My Advice to Parents of ATAR Kids Welcome to the Danger Zone. The end of formal schooling for many teens, particularly those who are…

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ATAR for Dentistry in South Australia

ATAR for Dentistry in South Australia

South Australia, and more specifically Adelaide, has a number of pathways that you can take in order to become a fully qualified dentist or dental surgeon. This is a competitive field; however, it is not…

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Melbourne Boarding Schools

Melbourne Boarding Schools – How To Choose the Right One!

Melbourne Boarding Schools – How to Choose the Right School for Your Child Choosing a boarding school for your child is among the most important decisions a parent can make. …

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Reception Year Tutoring

How Reception Year Tutoring Changed One Little Girl’s Heartbreaking Story

2020 was a hell of a year for so many of us – including the poor little things trying to find their feet in the very early years of schooling. Trying to make sense of…

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ATAR for Pharmacy Australia - young pharmacist

What ATAR Is Needed For Pharmacy In Australia?

Have you dreamed about a career in pharmacy and being able to make a big contribution to healthier communities? Luckily, there are pharmacy programs across the country. Although, you’ll need to…

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High School Study Plan

Your High School Study Plan is Missing THIS

At A Team Tuition, we’ve thrown out the traditional idea of a school study plan and created our own – and it’s all about balance! What your high school study plan…

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How to become a doctor in Australia

How to Become a Doctor in Australia – Every Single Step

How to Become a Doctor in Australia – from Year Eight to the Ward “My child wants to know how to become a doctor in Australia” It’s the question we get asked by…

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Must Read Books For Your High Schooler This Holiday

The days spent inside during the school holidays can go by really slow. Your child will most likely be bored out of their mind, or they’ll slowly begin to spend…

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Naia Transforms from C’s to A’s While Learning With Dyslexia!

The story begins when Naia’s Mum, Sharon, was researching the best fit for High School for Naia. The school had to have great access to both Tennis and Academics, as…

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