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As parents, we all want the very best for our children and are aware that success in school can often be a huge determinant for success in life after school.  A Team Tuition focus on working with students, parents, schools and individual tutors as a cohesive educational support team to help students reach their full potential, academically and socially.  As passionate educators, A Team Tuition is committed to providing parents with all the information and resources necessary for student success as part of their tutoring program.

A Team Tuition has invested significant time and energy in research to assist with the development of programs that meet student’s academic and emotional needs.  With highly skilled educators and a wealth of information garnered through dedicated research, A Team Tuition has practical tips and information to assist you on the sometimes challenging education journey as parents of school aged children and current relevant information relating to changes in the education system and what it means for your child.

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If you dream of playing a role in designing the world around you, find out how to achieve the ATAR for Civil Engineering today.

What’s the ATAR for Civil Engineering in Queensland?

What’s the ATAR for Civil Engineering in Queensland?  As Civil Engineers have a great deal of responsibility to design products and infrastructure for our communities, it’s vital that they are…

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How much sleep should a child get?

How Many Hours of Sleep Should a Child Get for Academic Performance?

It’s after dinner and your child has a test in class tomorrow. You sense that they’re probably a little underprepared. They’re tired and don’t want to stay up late studying.…

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Kinaesthetic learning style

Kinaesthetic Learning Style Study Tips

Kinaesthetic learners (sometimes spelt Kinesthetic) are those individuals who have an intimate feel for the world around them. These learners use their sense of touch as the primary means of…

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How to Motivate Your Child: 9 Tips and Tricks

Sometimes there’s just nothing more frustrating than seeing your child lacking in motivation, particularly when it comes to their schoolwork. Seeing them constantly leaving homework and assignments to the last…

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Book a Tutor

It’s Time. Book A Tutor For This School Year

It’s Time. Why You Should Book A Tutor For This School Year For most parents, the stress of worrying about their child’s future is very real. Whether it’s deciding on a…

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VCE English tutoring has evolved, and the new way to tutor Melbourne students is changing everything. Read on to discover how it could help your child.

How These VCE English Tutors Get Such BIG Results

  How the RIGHT VCE English Tutor Gets BIG Results  It’s been quite the journey for Melbourne high school students (and frankly, their parents).  With VCE looming large on your…

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School office supplies

5 Ways to Set Up Your Child’s School Year

Oh no! I mean… oh yes! Finally, the holidays have ended, and the kids go back to school. But before we get peace and quiet between nine to three, we’ve…

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Discover What ATAR Music and Sports Stars Need to Follow Their Dreams

Does your child dream of playing their favourite sport in a stadium packed full of fans, or performing on stage in front of hundreds of thousands of people? For many…

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ADHD in school

How to Help a Child With ADHD in School

ADHD is a ‘disorder’ that predominantly affects adolescents and children but can show symptoms well into adulthood. It stands for ‘Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder’. Typically, symptoms you will exhibit if…

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Tutoring During School Holidays? Yes, it’s a thing!

School holiday tutoring is not the thing your child’s dreams are made of – but the results will speak for themselves! It’s been a year of ups and downs –…

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ATAR for Medicine

ATAR For Medicine: What Students Need To Know

Thinking about studying medicine? A career in this prestigious field is an admirable goal for any student to set themselves. And the quest to become a doctor begins in secondary…

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High School Rankings Under ATAR - What will change?

How Will High School Rankings Change Under ATAR?

This year is the first year that Queensland students will go through the ATAR system. The impact on high school rankings, and the desirability of entry into selective high schools…

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