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As parents, we all want the very best for our children and are aware that success in school can often be a huge determinant for success in life after school.  A Team Tuition focus on working with students, parents, schools and individual tutors as a cohesive educational support team to help students reach their full potential, academically and socially.  As passionate educators, A Team Tuition is committed to providing parents with all the information and resources necessary for student success as part of their tutoring program.

A Team Tuition has invested significant time and energy in research to assist with the development of programs that meet student’s academic and emotional needs.  With highly skilled educators and a wealth of information garnered through dedicated research, A Team Tuition has practical tips and information to assist you on the sometimes challenging education journey as parents of school aged children and current relevant information relating to changes in the education system and what it means for your child.

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Channel 9s Today Show talks online schooling with Hayden McEvoy

Hayden McEvoy Answering Home Schooling Questions on The Today Show

Did you see our founder Hayden McEvoy answering questions on Channel Nine’s The Today Show (view the “Catch Up” here)?   What Hayden Discussed on The Today Show Did Hayden…

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How to get an A in Drama at High School. Kids practice for school musical

How To Get An A In Drama (7 Steps)

How to get an A in drama when you’re in a class of amazing actors…  drama, like the other arts could be seen as even more competitive than medicine or…

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How to improve study skills at home

Tackling Poor Study Skills: Spoiler, No, Your Child Isn’t Just Lazy!

He’s just slack. She’s spending too much time on her phone, not on the books. He’s not as smart as the other kids in the class. Whether you’re telling yourself…

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ATAR VS QCE - The difference and what parents need to know

QCE Vs ATAR – What’s the Difference Between QCE and ATAR?

Trying to get your head around QCE and ATAR? You’re not alone! To summarise, QCE (Queensland Certificate of Education) is a qualification/certificate received for successfully completing high school level education…

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How to get an A in Chemistry

How To Get An A In Chemistry

For students dreaming of becoming a doctor, pharmacist, engineer, concreter, painter or even a chef, you will have to be very familiar with Chemistry as it’s a subject that you will end up using on a daily basis in your chosen career. Chemistry forms the building blocks of life. It is a subject that is traditionally viewed as difficult because of the complex nature of chemical reactions and the unfamiliarity of the new language. This is usually where students crumble in Chemistry but with the right tools you’ll be on the track to success in no time!

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How to get an A in Business

How To Get An A In Business – 7 Steps

Almost every aspect of the society in which we live involves some elements of business, including undertakings as simple as trading candy for a chocolate bar you would much prefer.…

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HOw to get an A in PE

How to Get an A in Physical Education (PE)

Speaking from experience, Physical Education (‘PE’) is one of the more challenging subjects at school. Cue everyone screaming “How?!” The answer is simple; PE doesn’t merely require academic awareness, but also peak physical performance. PE is not a subject where you can lock yourself in your room and study for hours on end. Most schools allocate not 10, or 20% to the physical aspect of this subject, but 50%! So, some simple advice to start of this blog: be prepared to become both physically and mentally fit to find yourself excelling in PE. Lucky for you, we’ve got a few tips to cover on how to master both elements in your next PE assessment! Exercise – it focuses your mind, makes you feel accomplished and is needed to perform sports at a high level.

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Teen learns how to get an A in Music from a tutor

How To Get An A In Music – 7 Practical Steps

Firstly, I’d like to preface this by saying that music is an ART. With enough passion and practice, there’s no limit to how far you can go in life while…

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How to get an A in legal studies. Boy graduates in front of law books

How To Get An A In Legal Studies In 7 Steps

Legal Studies has acquired a reputation for being one of the most content heavy subjects you can do during high school, but fear not! Despite the extra reading you may…

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How to get an A in Biology - Year 12 Students Examine a Sample

How to Get an A in Biology (7 Steps)

Biology is hardly a subject that you can pick up in 2 seconds. It incorporates a little bit of Chemistry and Mathematics, mixed with its own principles – which makes…

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How to get an A in Maths -Boy with all his books

How To Get an A In Maths B / Math Methods – 7 Actionable Steps

The jump from Year 10 Maths to Year 11 Maths B or Math Methods feels more like a leap across a great chasm, the shock of which leads many to…

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Transitioning from grade 10 to grade 11

How To Ease The Transitioning From Grade 10 To Grade 11

One small step for grade 9s, and one giant leap for grade 10s! It is a tedious, nerve-racking, uphill track… moving up a grade each year is a necessary evil.…

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