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As parents, we all want the very best for our children and are aware that success in school can often be a huge determinant for success in life after school.  A Team Tuition focus on working with students, parents, schools and individual tutors as a cohesive educational support team to help students reach their full potential, academically and socially.  As passionate educators, A Team Tuition is committed to providing parents with all the information and resources necessary for student success as part of their tutoring program.

A Team Tuition has invested significant time and energy in research to assist with the development of programs that meet student’s academic and emotional needs.  With highly skilled educators and a wealth of information garnered through dedicated research, A Team Tuition has practical tips and information to assist you on the sometimes challenging education journey as parents of school aged children and current relevant information relating to changes in the education system and what it means for your child.

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Year 7 student acting the class clown throwing a paper plane - A Team Tution can help

How Our Year 7 Tutors Tame “Class Clowns”

So, your child’s been labelled the “class clown”…. What now? Has your child’s teacher approached you to discuss your child’s class clown behaviour? You’re not alone, and there are plenty…

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Child struggling with maths homework - A Team maths tutoring strategies can help

Maths Teaching Strategies – Why Our Students Flourish!

Your kid says they “hate” maths? Our maths teaching strategies can help! If your child is one of the many who declare that they ‘hate’ maths or they’re not good…

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How Townsville Grammar Boarders Surpassed Academic Goals by Targeting Student Diligence!

Set on 6.5 seaside hectares at the base of Castle Hill, Townsville Grammar School is the oldest boarding school in North Queensland. Since 1888, they have provided an experience that…

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Year 7 Maths Tutor

Kids Give Up on Maths in Early High School – Stop the Cycle Early

Stop the cycle of kids giving up on maths in high school STEM subjects are becoming increasingly important as the world becomes more digitised, yet many Australian children are mentally…

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Live online tutoring

Live Online Tutoring: READ THIS Before You Choose Your Tutor!

Is online tutoring the right fit for your child? Throughout the past few years, online tutoring has soared in popularity – both for the convenience and for the public health…

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HSIE Syllabus Tutors

How does the HSIE Syllabus Impact My Child’s ATAR/HSC?

Human Society and Its Environment (HSIE) encourages students to investigate and analyse the interactions between people and the world in which we live. It covers the traditional humanities subjects of…

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HSC Student of PDHPE

PDHPE Tutors: Can a Tutor Help Your HSC Student?

Can a PDHPE Tutor Help Your HSC Student? As your child approaches their HSC exams, it’s important to provide them with the right tutoring support. A skilled tutor could be…

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HSC Students learning in class- the 5 most in demand subjects for HSC tutors

HSC Tutors: Our Five Most In Demand Subject Areas

The right tutoring support can help your child reach their full academic potential and achieve excellent HSC results. But which subject areas are most in demand when it comes to…

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Help my struggling child. Why consistency is key at school

Why Consistency is Key at School – and How to Help a Struggling Child

The past couple of years have been incredibly difficult for our kids – especially the inconsistency with their education. They’ve endured two years of going in and out of lockdowns,…

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Maths tutoring for aural learners

Maths Tutoring for Aural Learners – It’s All in the Delivery

Maths Tutoring and Understanding the Needs of Aural Learners At A Team Tuition, we work with many students who have identified as aural learners. In layman’s terms, this means that…

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VCE Maths Tutors - Find a maths tutor in Victoria

VCE Maths Tutors – Find a Tutor Near You

Supporting students with VCE maths tutoring As your child prepares to begin the most important years of their education, skilled tutors can help them improve their understanding of complex concepts…

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HSC Tutors in demand

Rise in Demand for HSC Tutors Triggers Parental Concern

Demand for HSC tutors rising as school year begins As the school year begins, demand for professional HSC tutoring services is higher than ever. Booking early might be your only…

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