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how to get an a in maths c

How To Get An A In Maths C [7 Steps]

Universally recognised as the hardest subject in Queensland’s High School curriculum, succeeding in Maths C is no easy feat. Forget about succeeding, even surviving at the start might seem impossible. I still remember the start of Year 11 Maths C. A few lessons in and I (and the whole class) already felt like we were drowning. It just moves so fast, and it felt so easy to get left behind. But there is light at the end of the tunnel! By following the 7 steps to happiness outlined below, succeeding in Maths C just became much easier. Following these strict principles myself landed me a VHA by the end of Year 12, and there’s no reason you can’t achieve the same too.

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how to get an a in eei

How to Get an A in an EEI – Part 1

The thought of writing an Extended Experimental Investigations (EEI) often sends shivers down science students’ spines every single year. Whether you’re Year 8 or Year 12, a scientific report can be an intimidating piece of assessment for students to undertake, all tutors know that. We see the stress firsthand from our clients and we noticed they often don’t know where to start their EEI or what to do for each of it’s section let alone how to get a good mark.

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how to get an a in history

7 Tips On How To Get An A In History

Whenever I say history in a tutoring session, it’s usually followed by an “ughhhhh.” History isn’t all that bad though! In fact, it’s a highly important subject to take in…

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5 Great Back to School Tips and Tricks For Students

With a new year comes a new load of successes, challenges, and adventure – and, just around the corner, a brand new year of school and learning! We at A…

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Success Spotlight: Rhianna Lovegrove & Mae Le

We are honoured today to shine a spotlight on Mae Le, one of our most diligent, hard-working students to date! Mae is one of our incredible Year 12 students and has seen amazing transformation in less than a year of tutoring! She started this year with her tutor Rhianna Lovegrove. Together they were able to form an amazing partnership, which ultimately resulted in Mae graduating with high distinctions, awards in 4 different subjects, a scholarship to Bond, guaranteed admission into Griffith, and a semester of university under her belt!

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Kinaesthetic Learning style

Learning Styles – The Kinaesthetic Learner

Note: If you’re unsure as to what a learning language is, make sure to read our introductory blog all about the various learning styles, and why they’re important! KINAESTHETIC LEARNING…

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Learning Styles – The Aural Learner

Note: If you’re unsure as to what a learning language is, make sure to read our introductory blog all about the different learning styles, and why they’re important! AURAL LEARNING STYLE…

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learning styles

Learning Styles 2.0: An Introduction To The Way We Learn

In all the years we have spent in the education industry, A Team Tuition and its team have absolutely never met the same student twice. By that, we mean to…

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motivation for students

The Key To End of School Year Motivation for Students

Have you ever wondered why do we do the things we do? Specifically, what motivates us and how can we learn to channel motivation when it’s lacking? Perhaps we should…

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how to get an a in maths a

How To Get An A In Maths A (7 Steps)

Maths A is underrated in its difficulty. Whilst being one of the lower levels of maths you can do at school, it still requires a considerable knowledge of content. Most…

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one on one private tutoring

Top 10 Trends In The Education Sector

Every new year brings new ideas and trends. 2016 was quite a challenging year in the education industry, but somehow very rewarding. One of the most incredible things about 2016…

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Five Business Principles Emmanuel College Indirectly Taught Me

As a child, I was every bit the trouble maker you’d expect an ADHD kid to be. Not only was I rebellious, but I struggled to get grades over a C. Flash forward to over 12 years later, and I now run and own several companies, with over 59 staff, many of whom accomplished much higher than I in their schooling years.

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