A Gift to Carry On: Celebrating Our 2018 Project Limitless Scholarship Winners.


The end of the 2018 Project Limitless program does not mark the end of the achievements of the four dedicated scholarship winners. The program saw two Brisbane and two Gold Coast students receive scholarships with a total value of$15,000.

A Luncheon was held in honour of the students where experiences were shared and achievements were celebrated. Upon the commencement of the luncheon, A Team Tuition’s Founder and CEO Hayden McEvoy shared with each scholarship winner a special gift.



Each student received a pen in A Team Tuitions trademark red with ‘project limitless’ engraved on the side. Hayden explained the sentiment of the gift to the students.

He said, “I want you guys to take these beyond, into future years, into university and into your careers. Every time you pick up this pen it will remind you of how great you are and what you can do to achieve anything.”

He then explained that the gift is inspired by one he received himself, when his mother gave him a gold pen for his QCS exams. He carried this pen throughout his university degree and continues to use it to this day.

“I’ve had a lot of ink come out of that pen,” he said

Talia Brown 


Gold Coast’s scholarship winner Talia Brown plans to carry her pen through her senior years of schooling. With aspirations of being a neurosurgeon since she can recall, Talia is now confident that this goal is one she can achieve. Anticipating her report card, she believes she can manage all of her work and study in her future academics. “I’ve made all of my pages much neater, so I can organise things and read back through them, it’s much clearer,” she said. When Talia’s not studying, she is pursuing her passion for the arts, either playing trombone or drawing. Talia’s grandfather Bob assures that despite her humility, drawing is one of Talia’s natural talents. Let’s hope she doesn’t use up all the ink!





Jake Budiasa-Moon


Jake is the Gold Coast’s next scholarship winner. With maturity beyond his years, the year nine student has his future plans in order. Jake will carry his Project Limitless pen through his exercise science or sport education degree, but he has three more years of school to get through first. He found that the program allowed him to utilise his time in a constructive manor. “I found that I was doing more productive things, for example I would normally be watching TV, but I was actually studying in that time,” he said. Jake has learned the importance of planning and will use his new gift to do more so in future years.





Sarive Zena

The eldest of our scholarship winners, Brisbane student Sarive Zena will be carrying her Project Limitless pen straight into her University degree. Having applied for a Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Sarive is about to begin her career. “At the start of the year I was so unsure whether I was going to even get into Uni, and now I just know that I can, I’ve changed the way I seethings,” she said. Her self-confidence transpires straight onto her report card, Sarive achieved her goal in receiving an A+ in year twelve English. It can’t get much better than that


Esther Abiya

Esther is Sarive’s younger sister, who earned the scholarship on her own merit. The year nine student’s future career is still subject to change, “I still have so much school left to do,” she said. Still amazed that her and her sister received the scholarship, Esther’s pride beams through her smile. “Every single science assignment I do I’m always ending up with A+’s.” Esther has a bright future ahead, at the moment she just hopes that she doesn’t lose her pen on the way.