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High School Study Plan

Your High School Study Plan is Missing THIS

At A Team Tuition, we’ve thrown out the traditional idea of a school study plan and created our own – and it’s all about balance! What your high school study plan…

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How to study for year 11

How to Study For Year 11 – Our 3 Tips for Getting The Most Out of Year 11

So you’re about to start Year 11, and you are wondering “How do I study for year 11?” Welcome to the business end of school. Not too much longer to…

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How to improve study skills at home

Tackling Poor Study Skills: Spoiler, No, Your Child Isn’t Just Lazy!

He’s just slack. She’s spending too much time on her phone, not on the books. He’s not as smart as the other kids in the class. Whether you’re telling yourself…

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6 Study Hacks You Need To Do To Get Ahead At School

Do you sometimes struggle to stay focused in class or while completing assignments at home? Don’t worry if you do, just keep reading to learn some study hacks!For those of you who…

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find a tutor

Meet A Team Tuition’s Student of the Year, Shania Dolan!

Congratulations to our 2013 student of the year Shania Dolan! Her effort, dedication and results throughout the year made her our most outstanding student. Shania’s secret to her success was practice, practice, practice – “The constant study and revision under the supervision of my amazing tutor Basem was definitely the key to my success in Math this year,” Shania said. She also stated her other subjects were noticeably effected by her new study habits and thus greatly improved as well.

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Lockdown Tutoring

How Does Lockdown Tutoring Work?

Are you considering lockdown tutoring for your child? A Team Tuition is here to help!  How Does Lockdown Tutoring Work? With parts of the country going in and out of lockdown, your child…

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Find a Tutor Online

Building Academic Performance

If your child is falling behind with their academic results, we can help! It is so tough when can see that your child is trying really hard but still cannot…

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Ellie English Tutor

Building Academic Motivation

Your child could be lacking academic motivation. We can help! Do you find yourself in full-on homework battles most nights of the week? It’s no surprise that most children and…

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private tutoring canberra

Building Academic Confience

Your child could be lacking academic confidence. We can help! If your child is expressing to you that they don’t see a point in going to school or even refusing…

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VCE Tutor

Does My Child Need a VCE Tutor?

Does My Child Need a VCE Tutor? As Melbourne parents would be well aware, students studying the VCE are ensconced for two years in a rigorous, demanding academic program that will…

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Primary School Tutoring Melbourne

Three Signs Your Melbourne Primary Schooler’s Potential is Wasting Away (and How to Fix That)

Three Signs Your Primary Schooler’s Potential is Wasting Away (and How to Fix That) Some Melbourne parents may have noticed a change in their child’s attitude to primary school this year.  Your primary schooler may have gone…

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GUIDE TO A 99 ATAR – Strategies and Tips from Tutors Who Received a 99 ATAR

How to get a 99 ATAR seems like an impossible question, especially with the many factors that go into the calculation!  The elusive 99.95 ATAR is the ultimate goal for…

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